We get asked all the time what clothes to choose for a beach photo shoot.  The easiest answer is- solid colors, small prints and clothes that are comfortable. 

Styling today is all about coordinating but not matching.   Start out with a basic color palette and go from there.     Choose, at most, 3 colors (one being a neutral) and put together outfits with those colors only.  Any more than that and the photos will look busy, taking your focus away from faces.   Then add a little spark with an accent color.  It is best to sprinkle that color around to everyone using small touches such as jewelry, belts, or small patterns in clothing.    Remember that you will be on a white beach with soft blues in the background, so any color combination will work. 

A few ‘dos and don’ts’ to get you ready for your session

·      Keep accessories to a minimum.  We want the focus on beautiful faces and personalities.  Avoid tops with large ruffles.  The wind loves to blow those up over your face.

·      Use the accent colors to accentuate positive areas.  The eye will be drawn to that color so use it to your advantage

·      Its ok to mix solids and small patterns, just limit the amount of pattern.

·      Avoid logos, graphics, characters, labels, etc.  These tend to be distracting and will date a photo quickly.

·      Let everyone choose a style they are comfortable with.  The color will make the outfits blend. 

·      Remove watches, hair bands on wrists, or amusement park wristbands unless they complement the look. 

One final word of advice, you’ll be on the beach.  It will be windy and no amount of hair spray can top a beach wind.  We have tricks to help but even a small pin near your face can make a world of difference.   Also, please don't put lotion on arms and legs.  The sand will stick and is very hard to remove.

The main thing to remember is that you are on vacation and here to have fun.  Go with it!  Enjoy.