A photograph is a pause button of life.  The greatest compliment we can receive is to see a tear in someone’s eye when they share with us that we have captured their loved one’s true personality for them to cherish forever.  We believe that every great photo session has two components. First, the photos must be exceptional.  The second is to create a carnival atmosphere so it becomes the highlight of your vacation.

Debra got her love for photography from her father at a very young age.  She believes in continuing education, supplementing her art degree with photography classes from Daytona State College as well as seminars from Professional Photographers of America, Florida Professional Photographers and local Photography Guilds. 

Dave spent many years in the comedy business where he created multiple projects that have been made into major movies. He enjoys entertaining clients, making our photography sessions enjoyable for all ages.  He has expanded his video talents to aerial photography and videography to create views that are seldom seen.   His philosophy is that it is the things you do that you don’t have to do, which will always determine the difference between a good photo and one that is exceptional.

Search the extreme corners of your imagination and let’s capture some magic.